Bellyache – A Statement by Jah Digga & 2Tone

Jah Digga is an Artist to watch right now. His new track “Bellyache” gives those cool vibes, you know, the type you wanna chill out in the lounge to, with a light bop to your head. Out in Nottingham, Jah Digga is a big part of his local community, consistently producing content with a positive message. A young black king, giving the world an idea of the trials and tribulations experienced by men in this demographic. With previous music attacking black stereotypes and knife crime, Jah Digga is very conscious of the world we live in and his music reflects this.


Flow and rhymes are on point throughout this song. Humour embedded in the lyrics gives a light hearted edge to the topic: haters. We all know, as you rise up the ranks and start to get success, not everyone will be happy for you. Jah Digga and 2Tone explore this idea through a poetic use of words and some soft backing vocals, putting together one of the smoothest tracks I’ve heard in while. This is a must add to your chill playlist for 2019.

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