Northamptonshire artist Woozy brings us into his studio with “Everyday”

English artist Woozy has always sought a more contemplative and emotionally nuanced approach to his music. His latest track, “Everyday (feat. CTP),” as well as its accompanying video, is no exception. Shot almost exclusively in his apartment, which has been fittingly backlit with multicolored LED’s, the video captures the energy of a lowkey night at home with a few friends. Yet, there is also an underlying message about the trappings of nostalgia and complacency. “In the song, there is some real things being said beyond just talking about getting high and waved,” Woozy explains, “Once the song is played, it gives you a warm feeling and sets a nice atmosphere.” From beginning to end, in neither the track nor video, does Woozy ever lose sight of his tone.

Also worth noting is the track’s ambient, electronic, trap beat, expertly produced by Woozy himself, which only heightens both Woozy’s and CTP’s distinctive flows and lyrical acuity. With “Everyday,” Woozy delivers a soulful and spirited outing that ought to be on all hip hop fans’ radars. The video for “Everyday” is available to view now on YouTube. The track itself is available on all major streaming platforms.

What makes Woozy.

Woozy’s upbringing in Northamptonshire taught him the value of tireless self-sufficiency. He has described life in the small town as one in which, “there is no opportunities to do anything or move forward, you’ve got to make it yourself and that’s all I have ever known.” Because of his, Woozy has always sought to make his voice heard through bold sonic experimentation and taking risks which other artists with greater connections and opportunities may not be willing to. As such, he has derived influence from genres like jazz and R&B throughout his discography. Woozy is a fearless artist, determined to turn heads in his direction and claim his rightful spot at the table of hip hop royalty.

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