Ty Real Gives Energy With New Single “Block”

Never failing to achieve a vibrant atmosphere, Ty Real is back with a new single “Block”. If you haven’t heard, you’re lagging behind, this young artist from West London is stamping his name on the hip-hop scene with VIM! With a bouncy flow and explosive lyrics, the vibe of the song becomes very infectious, Ty Real tells us more about the process below. You can find “Block” on Spotify and Apple Music now!


Block is a playful song which highlights my development in attitude towards specific topics. For me, the song can be said to she follow the idea of ‘then and now’ whereby I articulate my change in ideas and thought process. The initial and most prominent example of this, for me, is ‘I’m on the block, trap on my top, remember when it was Ralph polos’. Before, me and my friends used to wear a lot of Ralph Lauren, specifically Ralph Lauren polos. Ive always enjoyed listening to music that allows me to go back to a specific time or place, therefore, I hoped that by mentioning my own personal preferences, it could take a few others back to that same time in their lives.
A further development of the ‘then and now’ idea is ‘pinky in socks’ as well as ‘things change now they’re loving the g, airs on me they’re comfy g’. I used to put any notes I had in my sock when I was younger and a lot of people in my area can relate to that. I decided to choose a beat that had a bounce to it with swift high hats as I felt it went with the message of the song.

In addition to this, Ty Real recently dropped a video with Ty Savage for his song “Miss me” and we couldn’t end this post without bringing you in. The energy is unmatched, check it for yourself.

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