Danny Bones ft Odeal – Let It Go

East London artists Danny Bones and Odeal are giving us some feel good vibes with a new song “Let It Go”. Filled with melodies that automatically lift the mood, stuffing the room with positive vibes, accompanied by lyrics that further push this agenda. “Let It Go” talks about growth, putting in the work required to keep moving forward in life, letting go of those niggling negative thoughts that act as distractions in our every day life.

As we grow, changes are bound to happen, there are ups, downs, lefts and rights. Danny Bones keeps it real by reflecting this in his music, truly an introspective piece of art, allowing us an insight into what it means to be Danny Bones through a track we can all relate to. Production by YKKUB with Odeal and Danny Bones on the vocals, this song encapsulates some real talent in the industry, don’t sleep on these artists.

Visuals for this song are here also and they’re LIT. The light hearted aura exuded by this song is exhibited in the video. Colourful, happy, summery and clean. We can’t wait for the full project to drop. Check out the video for yourself below.

Find Danny Bones on Instagram @_dannybones

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