Meeting Chade Paine

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Chade Paine was in our studio for a photoshoot a few weeks back and we managed to get a brief interview with him. A genuine person who is just as real as his music, check out what was said below. P.S. If you don’t already know, Chade was a top 3 contestant in BBC’s TV show “The Rap Game”. Hosted by DJ target, Krept & Konan. Find out more about the show here.

In our conversation, we covered some topics that allowed us to delve into the character of Chade, as a human and as an artist. Here’s what was said.

How old were you when you first started making music?

Chade: I was around 12 years old when I first started writing. I think we first got into trap, grime, the first official video I released to my facebook was a grime video.

What would you say are the main influences in your music?

Chade: I’ve got a few personal influences and a few music influences. Personal I would say, my daughter, my mum, my partner, my brother, my family. I’m out here trying to do this for them and try and give them a better life. Musical inspiration I would say is quite American, I like a lot of Mac Miller erm, XXX tentacion but theres quite a few English aswell like Dave. On the trap and drill vibe I’d go with MIST and you know Digga D and them man, it depends on the type of music I’m looking to make.

What do you like to write about the most?

Chade: What I like to write about the most are my emotions, what I’m going through. Music is escapism to me and I like to lay that down and vent it out to people, so they can relate more or resonate with it.

If you could get three artists on a track, what artists would you choose?

Chade: So it depends on the track but I would probably go with:
1. Dave
2. Loyle Carner
3. J Cole

In terms of your music career, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Chade: In 5 years time, I want to be touring, around the world. Want it to be a global movement. I want to be able to spread awareness on issues all around the world. The aim is to spread love and positive messages.

If you could choose a genre that you’d say your music is, what would you say?

Chade: I’d go with rap & hip-hop.

Do you have an influences outside of hip-hop?

Chade: I like to think I’m quite versatile with my music, trying different beats and styles but overall, my music is mainly influenced by hip-hop.

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