ZOKA the Author – An emerging talent.

Zoka the Author is ready to take the music scene. Only recently touring the UK and going viral worldwide with his collaborative album which was original made as his dissertation for his BA English Literature and Creative Writing. This Artist truly stands out in the UK scene with content that is positive and refreshing for music lovers. Zoka is nowhere near his peak, as a mater of fact he has only just began his journey up the ladder.

Shelling out and selling out the O2 Academy Islington on the 21st of this month, Zoka showed us how serious he is, the attitude and energy he’s bringing with his music is unmatched. His first single, The Mindset preceded this event and it has been very well received by fans, you should check it out too. He plans to release an EP in the coming months and we can’t wait for it. Sure to be a work of art encompassing themes important to talk about and some infectious vibes. The flow is there, the content is there, the energy is there and he is still just in the starting stages. This artist is definitely one to watch.

Looking back through the looking glass, Zoka informs us of some trials he has faced in the journey to where he is. “I just remember those little rap battles on the train home, but never being confident enough to join in. I’d go home and write something and be like ‘yeah, I’ll memorise this and next time I’ll say this’. But then I was never confident enough to do anything with them. I remember I told someone once I wanted to be a rapper and she laughed in my face.” This didn’t stop him. He developed his confidence, continued to write and share his music and the artist we see today was born.

The gig at the O2 Academy Islington on February 21st, and its accompanying single The Mindset, represents the culmination of years of commitment, growth, and yet Zoka emphasises how there is far more to yet to come. “This is my biggest step up yet, but it’s still just the first step. Hopefully it’s the step that leads to a bigger one.” And as I listen to his uniquely poetic lyricism, combined with the organic and soulful production from the likes of Domwitdaheat, Jstrngs and Evil Genius Records, I can’t help but agree. Zoka’s ambition to do “more than anyone at my level is doing” is clearly evident in every step he takes, and with this indomitable energy I really do now believe that those steps will lead him to heights even he cannot yet envision.

Check out Zoka the Author’s music below and follow him on instagram @Zoka_the_author

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