“Cold Place” a Statement by Kings Cvstle

Visuals to “Cold Place”

Kings Cvstle opens our eyes to the realities of our modern day society using poetic words with a delivery that makes you feel the power of this music. Rappers like this and music of this nature are gems that are difficult to find, they should be appreciated. Kings Cvstle explores politics, monarchy, racism and a range of other thought provoking topics people may like to ignore but are real issues in our day to day lives. This is one of the realest UK artists about today, staying true to his character.

As a rapper, Kings Cvstle excels himself here. The latter half in particular see things really venture of into depth of concept, allowing bar afer bar to pour through to such a degree that it takes more than a single listen to truly catch every idea. Fortunately, songwriting speaks volumes too and the track resolves well with the smooth yet dark and melodic embrace of its hook. Reality leads the way but there’s a hint of optimism in the call for things to be fixed. It’s subtle but it prevents the doom and gloom from overpowering the compelling nature of the artistry.

Style-wise the musicality of this release is brilliantly refreshing. The spacious nature of the music, the up-front presentation of such a clear-cut and clean vocal, feels reminiscent of UK rap legends from yesteryear. There’s nothing to hide behund, because there’s no hiding necessary. The Flow and the intellect stand tall and Kings Kvstle
showcases a natural connection to the rhythm and the concept, willingly losing himself within the performance; so that you can do the same. Superb.

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