STRANGER DAYS – The Innovative Music and Comic Combo

It can be difficult to find such pure artistry with important themes in the modern music scene. Iman Lake is here to change that with his latest project. Stranger Days is a package of work that deserves a lot more recognition that it is currently getting. We got in contact with Iman lake about his inspirations behind the work and how it came about , scroll down to find what was said.

About Iman Lake

Where are you from?
I was born in Nigeria, but grew up in Newham, East London

What inspired you to start making music?
I’m inspired by the music I grew up listening to and the things it expressed, there was a
particular way my favorite artists articulated their emotions and experiences so that
inspired me to do the same.

What type of music do you make?
My music is driven by my emotions and experiences so that’s what I try to translate.
Genre is a good catalyst for that so the type of music I make really depends on what I
intend to express in the moment of creation. It’s all expression music.

Who do you look up to in the music world?
I look up everyone that makes great music and connects with people, and connects with
me. Every artist that’s made an impact. I was a big Michael Jackson fan as a kid, my
sister listened to a lot of RnB and Destiny’s Child so I love that as well. My brother put
me onto hip-hop so I grew up listening to 50 Cent, Jay Z, Kanye and everyone before
and after. I really got into rock music for a while so I appreciate all the artists and
variations of that genre in the impact it’s had. So I look up to everyone that’s done
something great, and been impactful. 

What’s next for you?
I plan on continuing to make and release music, and connect with people on the

About Stranger Days

Where did the idea come from?
The idea for the song came as soon as I heard the beat. The beat felt really spooky and
eerie so I wanted to tell a story to match. The idea of the story comes from watching the
news and seeing what’s going on in the world but not knowing what you can do to
change things and then resigning to apathy because you feel like one person can’t fix
the world’s problems let alone you. 

What is the message you’re trying to get across?
The message I think is that it doesn’t end with apathy, we can grow past that and
actively try and do something to change things and shake things up, the world we’ve
inherited doesn’t have to be the one we pass on.

Who did you collaborate with to make this?
On the song I worked with Kakigori Club and Hotel October who produced the song. I
worked on the comic book and video with Azeez Bello who directed and animated the
video and Satria Wayu who illustrated the comic.

How much does this project mean to you?
It means a lot because of the amount of time spent on it all and how tactile the comic
book is. In the streaming age to have a physical token of the music isn’t common so it
feels good to have created that and add another dimension to the music.

A message for your fans?
Watch this space, there’s a lot more to come.

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