Put South London Artist ‘Siah’ On Your Radar.

With the release of his latest single ‘Shut Your Mouth’, Siah is making a bold statement, that he is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with. His energy is electric, the flow infectious and style off the charts. In his new visuals he collaborates with Beaumont Studios, an established fashion brand who share our belief in this relatively new face on the music scene.

That’s what the song means to me. It’s a statement piece that kind of shows off my ability, or a part of my ability and foreboding what may happen in the future.

Siah is an artist from South London, born and raised, who has been releasing music since 2020. He has been consistent, putting utmost effort into each piece of art he lets us have. His story continues to develop and continues to grow as an artist. When asked about memorable points in his career he is clear in the fact that the people he has met along the way, who have helped him and pushed him to where he is now, are what he’d class as memorable.

It’s a matter of patience and consistency which I’ve been trying to execute and hopefully once that level of work is recognised, I will be able to transcend certain barriers and obstacles that I face.

Being true to yourself is important in the music industry. People are always looking for something unique, different. All of Siah’s music embodies that. To maintain this individuality, Siah stays focused on himself and those around him. We wanted to know who he looks up to, what inspires and drives this artist. What came through was that he is very grounded. He hopes for the support of his fans in a way than not only positively affects his life, but also the people around him and the culture he is so unapologetically representing.

Siah is well on his way to more success and growth in this industry. It’s just a matter of time.

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