Timmy Turner – An Emotional Release For OLIVIER.

It’s basically a personal therapy session with myself, reflecting on all the au pairs I grew up with.


The music scene has been blessed with something fresh and different with this new single by OLIVIER. Expressing the feelings he experienced in his life while trying to cope with a life-changing event at 8 years old. It’s rare to have such a bold, unapologetic piece of work that’s related to grief. This type of art is something to be appreciated. Timmy Turner was inspired by a conversation on the use of medication to cope with mental health issues, often a taboo subject in many circles but an important subject that OLIVIER has brought to the forefront. He does this with finesse and energy. You can see this in the visuals below.

Visuals for Timmy Turner

OLIVIER has been having success in the London music scene, selling out two of his own headline shows, being Artist of the Month of LDNRBS and making appearances on BBC Introducing. There is a lot more to come for this young artist and we’re here for the growth. His music is authentic, real, powerful. We tried to find out what genre this is but its difficult to put into a box, the closest we can get is alternative rap. He tells us;

I have a huge range of influences, from The Beatles to current hip hop artists. Tyler the Creator is my biggest influence I would say. Also a fan of artists such as Knucks.

We look forward to seeing more from OLIVIER and hearing more original music.

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