Zaire Embraces his Roots with New Release ‘Lubumbashi’

This up and coming artist ‘Zaire‘ introduces us to his background, originally from Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo but now based in Bradford in the UK. He is still just starting out in the music world but his potential is obvious. Zaire’s sound is heavily influenced by his African roots, in this song he discusses his country and family. We can tell he is very self-aware of who he is, an important characteristic in this industry.

It’s the only thing that I understood without needing to learn or adapt it was natural, maybe once upon a time it was even peace, like a way to zone out.

Zaire’s response when asked why he started making music.

The visuals to his latest song are so clean, giving a warm vibe reminiscent of feelings you would usually associate with home. Zaire motivation for the song really comes through his lyrics and the associated visuals. This is a conscious piece of work which demands credit! It is still early days for this artist but this is the right time to add him to your playlists, follow him on instagram etc. There is so much more to come. We asked him what achievements he looks forward to;

Just making it out and finding peace and stability through music and new doors opening for me through music 

Zaire tells us about his aims.

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