Briti$h & Lieu collaborate on ‘Raceway’

Briti$h, the Ipswich based MC has teamed up with Norfolk based producer, Lieu, to bring you some jazzy Hip-Hop. Raceway delves into the time of Jazz, and all the bad habits that came with it. This track is composed of melodic layers bringing a calm, contemplative vibes which mirror the lyrics. UK hip-hop has been provided with a song that takes you back to the golden-age of hip-hop. Below are the visuals, take a moment to experience a look-in to the culture.

Accompanied by the brass samples, Briti$h reminisces of time when Jazz was in abundance, and the scenes of dancing and fun that surrounded it. Lieu’s Sax heavy instrumental brings light to the room. The combination of these elements, and Briti$h’s lyrics reflect on how Hip-Hop has continued this culture of music, and said habits.

Raceway will be available now on all digital platforms. You can find Briti$h on:




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