Get to Know “TheBoyYouCallIsiah” in 6 Questions.

What is your stage name?

Isaiah Shoticaury (also known as the low-key introvert)

Where are you from?

East London, Canning Town 

When did you start making music?

Started making music around 2017 that year alone made me realise “ you know what I can do this, I studied and listen to the genre I love, it’s a no brainer” but the journey wasn’t easy, there’s still challenges that comes with making music, the insecurities and the obstacles but so far I think I’m doing alright.

Which musicians do you look up to?

Kanye west( due to his range of production and the ability to change the sound of rap music and the impact he had on the culture on music and music alone)

Skepta – for lyrics and mannerisms not to mention the emphasis on certain words he says in his lyrics and the PRODUCTION!!!

Kendrick Lamar, Fela Kuti, travis Scott, Dizzee Rascal, Crazy Titch , Wiley, James Blake, Bon Iver

These artists have no fear in their sound.

What type of music do you make?

I make alternative music slightly towards “rap” but I’m more then that I’m just an artist that doesn’t want to be put or established in a box. The album “DOWNHILLFROMHERE” shows my versatility as an artist that can do more then the expected whether I’m rapping, singing or producing, the music I make is like therapy for myself because life itself is a dysfunctional rollercoaster lord knows I’m trying my best and when things in your life altered your future it makes you think and question .. what If do this album is a reflection of my current state of my life and how I’m feeling.

Anything else you’d like the public to know? 

That 5th of January 2023 I’m doing a headling show with special acts such as; JoeJas, Michael Abraham and RJ London in “Luna” in Leytonstone and 

I appreciate you all for listening to the art and taking me in, this journey we heading into is only the beginning, the question is .. you here for the ride ?

The album cover for Isiah’s most recent album titled DOWNHILLFROMHERE

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