Northern soul and R&B singer Kayess’ new Project – “The Book of Love”

Kayess is a soulful R&B singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of Manchester. UK
With a powerful and emotive voice, Kayess has captured the hearts of music lovers far and wide, making a name for herself as one of the most promising voices in contemporary R&B.
Drawing from inspiration from personal experiences and everyday life, influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Summer Walker & Erykah Badu, Kayess weaves heartfelt narratives through her music creating a soul-stirring connection with audiences that lingers long after the last note is sung.

Her first EP “The Book of Love’ is a heartwarming music journey that weaves together stories of love, vulnerability and self discovery. With soulful vocals, powerful spoken words and hard hitting rhythms produced bv Abnormal Sleepz. This EP showcases Kayess’ artistic prowess and ability to touch the very core of human emotions A melodic tapestry of love, growth and introspection. “The Book of Love invites listeners to connect with the universal language of love and solace in it’s heartfelt melodies.

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