Brick by Brick – Alexandros Safaris shows his passion.

Listen to Alexandros’ single “Brick by Brick”

Alexandros Sarafis is the Greek/English rapper who has burst on to the music scene and is constantly showing us he is going to leave a mark on the culture. He recruits his bilingual background to bring us music which features both English and greek rapping, his talent is different.

Brick by Brick is a song that is clearly influenced by 90’s style hip-hop with light hearted, engaging lyrics. Alex’s time in New York, Greece and the UK are all merged into this track, giving a unique essence which is something we continue to see in his music. This song is Alex’s expression of his journey to building his empire, a relatable topic for our generation.

The new music video currently available on his YouTube channel is a testament to this artist’s creativity. While the music speaks about building his empire, his visuals act as a metaphor to show his struggles.

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