Would you do it? – “Risk” by Kings Cvstle poses the question.

The identical twin duo Kings Cvstle are back with another intriguing piece title “Risk”. They stay true to their identity, letting us know they are the realest, a statement backed by their unapologetic attitude to rap music. Out of the number of music videos released by Kings Cvstle, this definitely is in the higher ranks. Playing on matrix themes but relating it to reality in this physical portrayal of risk.

“Risk is a project that invites our listeners to reflect on their own choices and the risks they take in their own lives. We wanted to create something that speaks to the innate human desire for autonomy.”

Kings Cvstle have been on our radar for some time and they consistently deliver while continuing to hone their craft. Rare is a word we may have used to describe them previously, but talent like this is something you cannot ignore. Making it in the creative field is a daily battle, the investments being inherently risky. The question is, are you ready to take that risk?

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