Imoni Gives us a Taste of her Upcoming EP With New Release – Placebo.

Introducing Essex singer/songwriter IMONI and her latest release, “Placebo” – a raw and soulful R&B revelation that delves into the complexities of breaking free from a toxic relationship with a narcissistic ex-partner. Through her music, Imoni bravely explores a whirlwind of emotions, from the haze of delusion to the fires of self-empowerment that blaze in the aftermath of the breakup.

Despite her relatively short journey in the music scene, IMONI has already garnered an impressive array of accolades. Her debut single, ‘Money’, earned her a coveted spot on New Music Daily, while her tracks have graced the airwaves of BBC Introducing, 1Xtra, and Reprezent Radio. Her magnetic presence has also captured the attention of publications such as Notion, Complex, Trench, Link Up TV, and Mixtape Madness. Notably, she received a shout-out from none other than rapper Nines for her captivating renditions of his songs ‘Clout’ and ‘Calendar’ on Instagram.

“Placebo” is the opening chapter of IMONI’s debut EP, a collaboration with the talented producer Sonny Neale. The track offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of dark, entrancing, trap-infused R&B that awaits listeners on this highly anticipated project. Prepare to be captivated by IMONI’s powerful storytelling and evocative soundscapes.

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