Meeting Chade Paine

Welcome back to Culture Statements. Chade Paine was in our studio for a photoshoot a few weeks back and we managed to get a brief interview with him. A genuine person who is just as real as his music, check … Continue reading Meeting Chade Paine

Meeting YKKUB

We had the chance of meeting an up and coming producer from East London who goes by the name YKKUB. As you can probably tell from the video, meeting this budding artist was a pleasure, you can feel the realness and ambition he exudes. YKKUB is a versatile producer who creates a range of styles, mainly you would call it hip-hop yet there’s clear influence from other genres. At his studio, we spent some time just talking through three main topics. In this interview you can find out more about who YKKUB is, the type of music he makes and … Continue reading Meeting YKKUB

Northamptonshire artist Woozy brings us into his studio with “Everyday”

English artist Woozy has always sought a more contemplative and emotionally nuanced approach to his music. His latest track, “Everyday (feat. CTP),” as well as its accompanying video, is no exception. Shot almost exclusively in his apartment, which has been … Continue reading Northamptonshire artist Woozy brings us into his studio with “Everyday”