JoeJas release Gaps & Nomads Alternative Masterpiece.

JoeJas has been rapping since the age of 11 and producing since 17, amassing a great amount of experience which he channels into his new music. He has a cult-like following who are more than likely bewitched by his unique, electrifying music style. This album shows off his versatility with vibes ranging from hip-hop to R&B, jazz and punk. He touches on identity in Gaps & Nomads, discussing some themes close to the heart such as self-acceptance and stereotypes.

A collection of 9 songs which make up JoeJas’s 4th studio album.

This is the work of a multi-talented artist, JoeJas clearly has a crazy work ethic as he has a heavy influence on all aspects of music and videos he releases. All music videos are shot and edited by JoeJas. While his music is also written and produced by himself. This gives his music a one-of-a-kind sound because he can tailor everything to his own brand. The quality of work he puts out, is nothing less than impressive. Check out his video of “Sally’s Last Dance” one of the songs on his new album.

JoeJas has been doing a lot in the London music scene. In 2016 he started his own line of events under his brand ‘Fat Llama’ which put on a range of artists, contributing music from different genres around London. In 2020 he won the Vans musician wanted competition, attracting praise from Anderson Paak & J.I.D.

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